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About us

EthiFinance Ratings is a private capital rating agency, completely independent, registered and regulated by the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA).

EthiFinance Ratings objective is to provide transparency to debt trading as a European rating agency. Operating a full-service model (we provide Sovereign, Corporate, Projects, Financial Institutions, Structured Instruments), we aspire to offer an excellent service to debt issuers, investors and other market stakeholders.

Our service offering has a sound reputation amongst the investment community that historically did not have access to rating agencies that take into consideration the particularities of the European market.

Our ratings are valid for regulatory use, as they have been mapped by European banking and insurance regulators.

In addition, our team of qualified analysts has great experience in the different sectors in which we operate.

The credit ratings we issue are not affected by interest groups. EthiFinance accepts and applies the IOSCO Code of Conduct (International Organization of Securities Commissions) of Credit Rating Agencies, adhering to strict policies for the prevention of conflicts of interest.

EthiFinance Ratings is part of the EthiFinance Group, an innovative European rating, research and advisory group serving sustainable finance and sustainable development. 

The main objective of this website is to provide to all interested parties and the market in general, with information regarding procedures, methodologies and policies adopted by EthiFinance in its credit rating processes.