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Action date: 06/25/2020
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HT SUMINISTROS FT, is a compartment securitization fund implemented under promissory note programs ("Pagarés"). The fund is open for both assets and liabilities sides, renewable and expandable and set up with the purpose of financing the acquisition of receivables derived from electricity, gas, telecommunications and water supply invoices. At the date of incorporation, the Fund is set up with the first compartment (Compartment 1 ODF) through which ON DEMAND FACILITIES, SLU, as well as its subsidiaries ENERGÍA LIBRE COMERCIALIZADORA, SLU and ASAL DE ENERGÍA, SL, (jointly the ODF Group), will mainly assign receivables derived from invoices for the supply of electricity mainly and whose collection is guaranteed by means of a credit insurance policy signed with CESCE, SA.


ISIN: ES0505500001
Date last rating: 06/25/2020
Date first rating: 06/22/2020