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Outlook: No Trend
Action date: 07/08/2022
Rating action: New


EthiFinance Rating ("EthiFinance and/or the Agency") has assigned the rating of BBB- to the Bonds issued by the Fund. The initial rating determined for this financial instrument is for a new issue. Pensium ESG I, FT (the "Issuer" or the "FT"), is a vehicle constituted under Spanish legislation, with a separate equity, open by the asset and by the liabilities. This FT will be composed of separate "Compartments" and where each of them will be destined to the grouping of Credit Rights that are acquired by the FT at successive times. The collateral or asset of the Fund will be composed of Credit Agreements assigned to the Fund by Pensium Direct S.L. (the "Assignor" and/or "Pensium"), which in turn are backed by a promise of assignment to the Fundof the Real Right of "Anticresis" registered in the Property Registry concluded between Pensium and the Clients.


Date last rating: 07/08/2022
Date first rating: 07/08/2022