Outlook: Positive
Action date: 10/29/2021
Rating action: Affirmed


Axesor Rating affirms Grupo Lantania's BB rating, changing its outlook from Stable to Positive. Grupo Lantania S.L. and its subsidiaries (hereinafter Lantania or the group) is a Spanish group mainly dedicated to the development and construction of road and rail infrastructures, as well as the construction of homes and unique buildings. In addition, it develops projects related to the integral water cycle and energy projects. The group operates mainly at the national level, although in 2021 it began its internationalization strategy. At the close of fiscal year 2020, the company presented a turnover of € 114.4M with an EBITDA of € 8.8M, registering a NFD / EBITDA ratio of 3.2x.


Date last rating: 10/29/2021
Date first rating: 10/29/2020